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My analysis and understanding of the question asked:     7.0 m diameter tank    8.5 m straight side    300 cubic meter capacity    Milk of Lime suspension storage (not powder addition and dispersion)     Two impellers, each 84" (2.13 m) diameter    calculations done for two common turbine types: pitched blade and straight blade (pictured below)

     Recommended speed for two pitched-blade turbines - 17 rpm (0.28 rps)    anticipated impeller power 3.12 kW (4.11 hp), suggested motor size 4.8 kW     Recommended speed for two straight-blade turbines - 16 rpm (0.27 rps)    anticipated impeller power 5.66 kW (7.45 hp), suggested motor size 9.0 kW     Other process conditions, impeller types, or additional information may result is different recommendations.