The following is a rough guide to the required mixer design. A qualified mixing equipment manufacturer should be consulted for detailed answers, since specific weights and features will be different depending on the equipment source.

  • Motor Power 150 KW
  • Shaft Diameter 175 mm
  • Shaft Length 4.9 m
  • Impeller Type 4-blade, 45 deg angle pitched-blade impellers
  • Number of Impellers 2
  • Shaft Speed 30 rpm
  • Gear Reduction for 1,800 rpm motor 60:1
  • Gear Reduction for 1,500 rpm motor 50:1
  • Reducer Torque 47,500 Nm
  • Mounting Design
  • Axial Load - Requires weight of gear reducer, impellers, shaft, etc.
  • Torque 120,000 Nm
  • Bending 92,000 Nm
These design estimates are based on the information provided and typical mixing intensities for conservative design. A smaller mixer may be suitable for this application, but apparent viscosity and intensity requirements cannot be estimated with certainty without additional information.

The answers by this expert are based on the best available interpretation of the information provided. The consequences of the application of this information are the responsibility of the user. If clarification is needed, please submit a further question.