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Many factors must be considered when blending two types of powders, even when the particle sizes are similar.  The attached flow sheet shows how several decisions about powder characteristics and blending requirements may lead to different types of blending equipment. When handling large quantities of dry material, much of the blending problem may be a material handling problem.  Even a million pounds per year is only 500 pounds per hour.  These quantities may be handled either on a batch or continuous basis.  The deciding factor on the type of operation is probably in the meaning of "individual products" in the process description.  Very different decisions may be made depending on whether you are talking about three different products or three-hundred different products. Another part of the material handling issue is the delivery of raw materials and the shipment of final products.  Answers to the best methods of handling can be very different if you are talking about 50-lbs. bags or bulk transport by rail or truck. As to the final question, a consultant may be the best guide toward initial selection of the general process and equipment requirements.  While individual equipment manufacturers may handle either systems or components, depending on the overall scheme.

Click this image to open up the blender selection flowsheet in a larger window.