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Topic: Re: Is my mixer sizing correct?

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The mixer sizing looks reasonable. It should give adequate mixing, even at 11,000 cp, provided that fluid is nearly Newtonian (without shear thinning or yield stress characteristics). The calculated impeller power is 1.6 hp, which will not overload the 3 hp motor. Allowing the liquid level to drop below the upper impeller with the mixer operating will put additional loads on the drive, mounting, and shaft. The mounting design should be able to handle a 540 inch-pound torsional load and a 933 inch-pound bending load, based on the information provided. Exact hydraulic loads and shaft design requires additional and more detailed information. A 7/8-inch diameter shaft is a little light for the bending loads. However, a 1-inch diameter shaft is stiff enough to put the 350 rpm operating speed close to the first natural frequency. The 7/8-inch diameter shaft puts the first natural frequency well below the operating speed, which is good, but operating with a variable speed drive is strongly discouraged. More detailed information about impeller weight, position on the shaft, shaft diameter, and mounting height are needed to accurately predict shaft design limitations.
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