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Topic: Re: Jet Mixers vs. Mechanical Mixers

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The differences between mechanical and jet mixers are numerous, some process related and others more practical or cost related.  In general, mechanical mixers are capable of more intense mixing, when required.  Both mechanical and jet mixers are capable of moderate to low intensity bulk mixing.  Mechanical mixers are usually more effective for solids suspension than jet mixers.
Jet mixers are more likely to be used in large, field-erected storage tanks than in process vessels.  Jet mixers require pumps, which have disadvantages and advantages associated with the external pumps.  Mechanical mixers mounted on the top of tanks require a support structure or rigid tank.  Side-entering mechanical mixers function similar to jet mixers, with trade-offs in cost, operation, and maintenance.
As a general rule mechanical mixers can function well in a greater variety of mixing applications than jet mixers.  However, jet mixers can be used successfully in many applications.  With some creative design, either mechanical or jet mixers can have equivalent performance.  Without specific requirements or limitations, the decision between mechanical or jet mixers is difficult to make on a general basis.