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This question is missing more information than it provides, so I am justguessing at the requirements.  The question says nothing about the use ofthe mixer, other than the viscosity.  So I have chosen a moderate level ofmixing intensity.  Under the circumstances, the fluid density is at least asimportant as the viscosity.  The fact that the speed is specified may meanthat some of the equipment already exists, but impeller type and size is atleast as important as the speed.  Having made several suggestions, thefollowing is my recommendation.
The 3000 gal tank definitely needs baffles for that viscosity range.Four wall baffles at 90 degrees about 10 inches wide would be expected.  Isuggest a four-blade, pitched-blade impeller, 40 inches in diameter with 8inch wide blades.  The impeller will require about 2.25 hp, so although a 3hp motor might be sufficient, I would recommend a 5 hp motor in case thedensity or viscosity is actually higher than specified.