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Topic: Re: How do I calculate the overall and individual heat transfer coefficients in a jacketed vessel using a bladed disk turbine?

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There is an article by J.R. Bourne, Buerli and Regenass published in Chemical Engineering Science (Vol 36, pp 347-354, 1981) that correlates vessel-side film coefficients with agitator power input per unit mass of material in the tank.  Jacket-side film coefficients can be determined a number of ways depending on whether condensation, boiling or single phase flow exists.  Chapter 31 of “Process Heat Transfer” (Hewitt, Shires & Bott) covers the subject of jacketed vessels but is sparse on the jacket side film coefficients.  There are many styles of jackets that can be used including agitating nozzles, half-pipe, dimpled, however the details are important as poor jacket design can frequently result in the outside film coefficient being the controlling resistance.