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The environmental area is extremely broad.  There are a number of good sources depending upon what area you are working in.Some typical web sites which you can locate from a Google or other search engine include:

EPA's website - Very broad and good research links, US regulations, air pollution and water, drinking water, hazardous wastes, and much much more.
State of New York - Go to the research links on energy conservation.
US Army Corps of Engineers
US Army Corps of Engineers Internet Publishing Group:
USACE Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
Waterways Experiment Station
The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta (ASTR which links from CDC)
National Park Service's Environmental Encyclopedia which provides more information than one can effectively use about properties of specific chemicals:
Water Environment Federation - You can access their publications at if you are a member
AWMA - This is also a member site but deals with more air pollution and hazardous waste issues
American Society of Civil Engineers - This is a very good source for biological.
Material Safety Data Sheets - Helpful source you can find at
AIChE also has an research service available to members. The groups one might wish to subscribe to depending upon their interests include: Sewer List, waterfourm, groundwater forum, watercom.
If your Spanish is good enough you can get on Salud_Ambiental and a host of others.
If you are looking for specific information on equipment, look at the Putnam Publishing information, and at Thomas Register for many other manufacturers. Once you have identified specific information, you can go to the web site.

Dave Russell