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Topic: Re: Removing acetone from wastewater

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As I recall, the problem with acetone is the formation of an azeotrope, so you may have to do multiple distillations, but I'm not in the office right now but on a startup in Savannah.  I would suggest looking at the possibility of steam stripping to get the levels down.  A small column test might give her the answers.I'm reasonably sure that will work, as we used to use cold carbon adsorption on vapor phase acetone when we separated it from cumene and phenol in the phenol manufacturing process at the old Allied Frankfort Works, in Philadelphia.
I'd offer other suggestions but the concentrations are about 5  ppm and that's a lot of energy.  Carbon is another possibility but I don't have isotherm data to calculate it so I can't advise.The one other possibility is the idea of using bacterial growth to remove the acetone.  This would probably be a fixed film bioreactor and there are several on the market.