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Topic: Six Sigma education

I have been out of chemical engineering for some time. I have been trying for 6 months to get back in. Most of the ads ask for Six Sigma. Is there any way I can learn this without having to pay a fortune? Perhaps there is a self-study course?
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    Re: Six Sigma education

    Yes, one can learn about the elements of Six Sigma through personal study (there are many texts and books), on-line sources such as, and through public offering courses by organizations such as Juran Institute. arious universities are now offering Six Sigma course work as well. This study can give one the elements of the Six Sigma problem solving methodology, and knowledge of statistics often used.

    Unfortunately, there is a close parallel to medicine. You can learn medicine and physiology, but it's quite another thing to be a doctor. Likewise, you can learn Six Sigma, but it's quite another thing to be a successful "Six Sigma Black Belt," solving issues through effective project leadership and application of the methodologies DMAIC, DMEDI, LEAN, etc.). To be a truly effective "Black Belt," one must apply these learning to actual problem solution/team leadership.

    Therefore, some organizations and companies not only request knowledge of Six Sigma, but also seek "certification" or evidence of actually serving in the role of "Black Belt." To be a "Certified Black Belt" requires not only knowledge, but also proof of application (See "Six Sigma Certification" at

    Check the various online sources above, and Some offer various chat rooms.

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    Re: Six Sigma education

    You might want to read an article that ran in Chemical Processing >> Go Lean: It's time for the chemical industry to embrace this production strategy. It is located here >>