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Topic: Re: What is the proper material for a batch reactor running a Mannich reaction?

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I am not a chemist and not familiar with the chemistry that would be going on here but a little bit of web surfing tells me you might be running a Mannich reaction. When trying to answer a question like this additional, details are needed. Examples include concentrations of reactants and products, whether impurities are present and at what concentrations, possible side reactions and resulting products, reaction temperature profiles, etc. Often laboratory material of construction compatibility studies might be recommended. If this chemistry is already being run in the lab for reaction optimization, etc., some compatibility data is being generated simply by what materials the equipment is made of. Traditional labware is often borosilicate glass and if the glass is unaffected, additional compatibility information can be generated by exposing small metal coupons to the reaction mixture during the course of process development and optimization studies. After exposure to several runs, the metal coupons can be examined for signs of corrosion and weighed to determine mass loss and calculate corrosion rates.