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Topic: Re: Will SiO<sub>2</sub> React With Sulfur Gas?

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This question is way beyond my area of expertise. From what I have read on this subject, I suspect whether you have a corrosion problem or not will depend on the operating temperatures, concentrations, and what other chemical species are present. I have one reference that indicates that a high silica refractory type is resistant to sulfur vapors (SO2 and O2) as long as the temperature is greater than 600&deg; C. For further information, I suggest you consult a reference on this subject such as Carniglia, Stephen C. and Barna, Gordon L., &ldquo;Handbook of Industrial Refractories: Technology Principles,Types, Properties and Applications,&rdquo; Noyes Publications, 1992; Harbison-Walker, &ldquo;Modern Refractory Practice,&rdquo; Fifth Edition, 1992; or Plibrico-Japan, &ldquo;Technology of Monolithic Refractories,&rdquo; English Edition, 1984.