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Company Information

Mitsubishi Chemical USA Inc., commonly known as MCUSA, is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Mitsubishi Chemical Corp., which together with Mitsubishi Pharma Corp. is owned by the Mitsubishi Chemicals Holdings Company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. MCUSA serves as a service organization to other Mitsubishi Chemical companies in the United States as well as acting as Mitsubishi Chemical's American representative. Mitsubishi Chemical traces its roots to 1934 and today is a fully integrated chemical company with operations throughout the world. Mitsubishi Chemical first came to the United States in the early 1960s when it opened a liaison office in New York and since then, Mitsubishi Chemical businesses in the U.S. as a group have grown to over 1,500 diverse professional employees and sales over $700 million from its U.S.-made high-tech products and selected products imported from its companies around the world.

Company Officers

  • photo_mcc_yoshimitsu_kobayashi.jpg

    Yoshimitsu Kobayashi


    Yoshimitsu Kobayashi has been serving as president and representative director in Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp., as well as president and director in the subsidiary Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. since April 2007, according to Reuters news service. He has been holding directorship in the company since June 2006. He previously served as managing executive officer in Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.

  • glenn fredrickson

    Glenn Fredrickson

    Director and Chief Technology Officer

    Fredrickson began his role as director and chief technology officer of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation on April 1, 2014. Fredrickson also serves as a professor in the University of California' Santa Barbara's department of chemical engineering and materials. Fredrickson has established himself as an international authority on polymer science and technology and a consultant/advisor to a number of global chemical, materials, and life science companies including Dow Chemical and DSM.

Investor Information

For the latest financial reports, visit: http://www.m-kagaku.co.jp/english/investor/index.htm

Contact Information

  • Mitsubishi Chemical USA Inc.
  • 1 N. Lexington Ave
  • White Plains, N.Y. 10601
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Major products sold by Mitsubishi Chemical companies in the United States can be found in many critical applications in pharmaceuticals, construction, food manufacturing and packaging, imaging, data storage, publishing, automotive components, plastics, and a host of other products that are designed to improve the quality of lives. Company businesses include Mitsubishi Polyester Film, Mitsubishi Chemical FP America Inc., Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers.