CP50: Air Liquide USA LLC

Company Information

Paris-based Air Liquide, founded in 1902, has developed around a core business activity: industrial and medical gases. With more than 40,000 employees in 75 countries, the group offers innovative solutions based on constantly enhanced technologies and produces air gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, rare gases, etc.) and many other gases including hydrogen.

The group’s capacity for innovation is fundamental to its growth: one-third of its total sales are generated from applications that didn’t exist 10 years ago.

The company has eight R&D centers, and each year it registers 200 patents. The company boasts 1 million customers across various industries and health-care activities.

In the U.S.:
■ More than 4,500 U.S. employees
■ Serving some 15,000 customers
■ A nationwide presence in more than 200 locations throughout the U.S.
■ Over 100 industrial gas plants
■ 1,800 miles of pipeline
■ U.S. headquarters in Houston, Texas

Company Officers

  • potier58616.jpg

    Benoît Potier

    Chairman and CEO

    During his 25 years with Air Liquide, Potier has handled many aspects of Air Liquide’s business. Since his appointment as Corporate Chief Executive in 1997, he has assumed global responsibility for operations and development.

  • schmieder58617.jpg

    Klaus Schmieder

    Senior Executive Vice-President

    Schmieder joined Air Liquide in 2004 following the acquisition of businesses from Messer Griesheim GmbH.

  • mike_graff12760.jpg

    Michael J. Graff

    President and Chief Executive Officer, Air Liquide USA LLC

    Graff joined Air Liquide in April 2007 as President and CEO of Air Liquide USA LLC and Chairman of the Board of Air Liquide Canada. He leads Air Liquide’s North American industrial gas operations and business activities from its Houston headquarters.

Investor Information

For the latest financial reports, visit: www.airliquide.com/en/investors.html

Contact Information

  • Air Liquide USA LLC
  • 5230 S East Avenue
  • Countryside, Ill. 60525
  • Phone: 708-482-8400
  • Fax: 708-579-7707
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The chemical industry consumes large quantities of air gases, as well as hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The latter is used in the manufacture of polyurethane and polycarbonates, which are both used in everyday life.

For more information about hydrogen, Air Liquide has opened a special Web site: www.planete-hydrogene.com.