Chemical Security Action

Where to get the info you need

Chemical security is certainly not an everyday topic, so getting the most updated information on CFATS isn't always easy. But there are some good resources out there.  Here are a few places to look for good info:

CFATS -- Does it affect your plant?

I believe the acronym CFATS (Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards) can be misleading. Some people might think that the mandate is just for chemical and petrochemical manufacturing and processing plants.  But CFATS can affect any business or facility that manufactures, processes or stores chemicals.  That means it can affect everything from a...

Where Is CFATS Legislation?

If we are going to talk about chemical facility security, discussing CFATS would be top of mind. There is a lot of good background information available from DHS and other consultants and integrators.  But, the question is where is CFATS legislation right now? 

The Chemical Security Conversation Begins

The way we look at security changed forever in the aftermath of 9/11.  We had to take a hard look at everyday things that we took for granted like waiting at the gate for a friend or family member to get off an airplane or simply packing a pocket knife...