Chemical Reaction

OSHA Is Not A Town In Wisconsin

Searching for information on electrical risks, I came across a funny sign. It reads: Caution -- If you think OSHA is a small town in Wisconsin you're in trouble.

Heck Reaction Makes Many Things Possible

I fully admit that I sometimes take for granted how things work. I know that without science and technology, much of what I do and enjoy everyday wouldn't be possible. But I don't give enough credit to the behind-the-scenes magic.

Students Offer Sound Solutions For Reducing Carbon Emissions at Industrial Plants

Each June brings memories of graduation. I remember the day I walked across the stage to accept my high school diploma – how full of promise the future seemed. I also remember listening to our valedictorian and salutatorian speeches and realizing that these folks really had a bright future.

Young Chemists Encouraged To Pen Thoughts On Sustainability

There are myriad good things about the International Year of Chemistry (IYC), including the many creative ways businesses in the chemical industry choose to celebrate. The most recent tip of the hat to IYC is from Elsevier, publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services.

Videos Target Chemistry Geeks, Technology, Entertainment And Design

Do you consider yourself a chemistry geek? What about a technology geek? It's OK – you're among friends here. After all, the site you're on is devoted to chemical processing practices, trends and applications – it's pretty safe to say you have a bit of geek in you.

A Survey for the Kitchen Sink?

Every now and then, I fantasize about remodeling my outdated kitchen. One day I began browsing to see just how much a brand-new kitchen would cost. It wasn't long before I got a pop-up message from the Website asking me to please take their latest survey.

Crowdsourcing Aims To Solve Global Water Issues

I finally got around to reading the latest issue of the Rotarian, a magazine for members of Rotary International. What got my attention was a formula on the back cover: 54H20. It's the logo for the Five for Water Foundation -- a project under the Rotary Foundation umbrella that raises...

MythBusters Puts Rupture Discs To The Test

After covering the manufacturing industry for nearly 15 years, I've had the opportunity to get in-depth information on numerous products and solutions. I always get a kick out of seeing said products in their intended environment because I have an inside scoop on how it was made, or I've seen...

Challenges Abound for Product, Process Development and Process Design Information

Recently in my efforts to assist a client to find suppliers of certain product, I took the easy route -- i.e., search using one of the search engines. The results were very interesting. Most of the product/s were available from Chinese and/or Indian companies.

Bring On The Waffles and Pancakes

Anytime I read about a food item that's been moved up the naughty list and actually crosses over to good-for-you status, I take note.