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Republicans And Democrats Clash On The Climate

The Hill -- a Washington, D.C.-based publication that reports on the business of Washington, covering the inner-workings of Congress -- posted a story that highlights the lowlights of a recent Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing that was scheduled to review the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2011 budget.

First Robotics Engages Kids In Science And Technology

A Chemical Processing reader submitted this Letter to the Editor to ensure that our audience knows there are modern-day inventors who are working hard to make science and technology fun.

Now's Your Chance To Get Your Questions Answered

Chemical Processing will be hosting an online panel discussion on condition monitoring. To be precise, the title of the March 24 event is "Condition Monitoring Solutions for Optimum Operational Efficiency." (Click here to learn more.)

All Hail The Inventor Of Tequila Diamonds And Other Ig Nobel Winners

I was introduced to the Ig Nobel Prizes several years ago and I always look forward to the announcement of current winners. For those of you not in the know, The Ig Nobel Prizes honor achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think.

Looking For Kid-Friendly Chemistry Experiments

My 5-year-old nephew, Daniel, will soon spend his first full night at our house. In preparation for the big day/night, I am looking for fun activities to keep him occupied. I remember how much fun my brother and I had over my grandparent's house when my grandpa would take us...

Report Highlights 7 Tips To Balance Innovation and Quality

Companies are using unique approaches to strike a balance between efficiency and innovation, according to a new report released by American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Why The Show Doesn't Go On -- Letter to the Editor

Dear Mark, I was about a week late in having time to read my latest issue of Chemical Processing Magazine.  As usual, the first article that drew my attention was your "From The Editor: Trade Shows Require Rethinking."  This is a very good and timely editorial.  I am sad to learn...

Take Our Salary Survey And Win An iPod Touch

For several years now, Chemical Processing has been asking for our readers’ help to gather important salary and job satisfaction information that helps provide insight into industry trends.

Tattoos – Not Just For Bikers Anymore

Tattoos have become commonplace – especially for the under-40 crowd. Artwork that was once reserved for military folk, tough-as-nails bikers and jailbirds has found its way to the skin of bankers, lawyers, doctors, journalists and chemists.

'Liquid Brain' May Boost Processing Power

When I was learning complex mathematics in grade school I remember my grandpa telling me that calculators weren't as good as brain power. At the time I thought he was just old-fashioned and would rather cipher numbers on paper.