Chemical Reaction

Chemical Workers Feel At Risk On The Job

Worker safety should be the No. 1 concern for any chemical manufacturer. Sure, a robust bottom line is nice – but if companies put employees at risk to achieve financial results they're going to spiral down fast.

Global Handshake Brings Chemists Together

I recently spoke with Catherine T. “Katie” Hunt, director, Innovation Sourcing & Sustainable Technologies at The Dow Chemical Co., regarding her involvement in a ground-breaking, global event.

2011 Salary Survey Promises To Be Best Yet

I was talking with Amanda Joshi, Chemical Processing's managing editor, about the upcoming salary survey and job satisfaction article she will be writing for the April issue. Last year's survey broke the record for most responses – 1,827.

Let Cartoons Be Your Guide To Chemistry

My nephew's birthday is coming up, which means I have to find him a gift that is both fun and functional. Well, it doesn't have to be functional, but I prefer it that way. He is going to get his fair share of Scooby-Do gear, toy rockets and pirate paraphernalia.

Get Ready To Celebrate Chemistry All Year Long

It's finally here -- the International Year of Chemistry (IYC) 2011. I've been waiting for this celebration for a year-and-a-half – well, at least that's how long ago it was when I blogged about the announcement (see Celebrating Achievements In Chemistry).

Ordinary Items Exhibit Extraordinary Uses

It must be the frugal gal in me that loves to find multiple uses for one item. I'm a sucker for those articles that unveil 101 uses for vinegar or 10 ways to reuse dryer sheets. I marvel at the bright minds that look at mundane items and see myriad uses.

Forget Mardi Gras, New Orleans Houses Two Really Old Pumps

Last summer I wrote about a fun promotional contest Gardner Denver Nash was running to find the oldest-running Nash pump (Let's Hear It For Really Old Stuff).

Look What Legos Can Do

If you would have told me 30 years ago that the Legos I was playing with would be able to predict solar and lunar eclipses with pinpoint accuracy, I would have done my best Gary Coleman impression and said, "What you talkin' 'bout?"

Group Effort Solves Corrosion Question

Our Ask the Experts panel is comprised of 28 folks we consider to be gurus in their respective fields. They are tasked with answering myriad questions that our readers pose. They do this without compensation to help us deliver the best content for the chemical-processing community.

ACS Webinar Presents Kitchen Chemistry

Once again the American Chemical Society (ACS) has caught my attention with its fun webinar series. Earlier this year the ACS won me over with the Chemistry of Beer and Brewing webinar. This time they promise to share chemistry tips that can transform my kitchen into a workshop of culinary delights.