Chemical Reaction

Experts Sound Off On The Future of Sustainable Chemistry

Reading like a who's who of the chemical industry, experts from around the world assembled for The Future of Sustainable Chemistry online conference held on Aug. 16.

Backyard Science Goes Big Time Via Viral Videos

What would have happened if Gallagher chose chemistry instead of comedy? I bet he'd still find a way to smash watermelons – but with liquid nitrogen instead of his trademark mallet.

Scientists Prove No More Sugar Meltdowns

Stop the presses – sugar doesn't melt, it decomposes. This news would make Willy Wonka giddy with delight. Not only is this a revolutionary discovery, it also means caramels will be tastier and pharmaceutical companies can tout with confidence that a spoonful of sugar will help the medicine go down.

Throw In The Towel On Contamination

I'm sort of a germaphobe. I get grossed out if I have to touch the door handle of a public restroom, I am leery of Laundromats and can't stand when hand towels are damp – that just means I have re-wash my hands and let them air dry.

The HAZCOM Song Has A Good Beat And Champions Safety

I'm not the biggest fan of Twitter. To me, it's too busy and it's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. But sometimes you can find something useful.

Award For Best Short Film Goes To. . .

We are in the middle of the YouTube Generation. Anyone can create short films and disseminate them to the masses with relative ease. Want to learn how to change a tire? Need to fold a napkin so it looks like a swan? Interested in feedstocks derived from biomass to make...

OSHA Is Not A Town In Wisconsin

Searching for information on electrical risks, I came across a funny sign. It reads: Caution -- If you think OSHA is a small town in Wisconsin you're in trouble.

Heck Reaction Makes Many Things Possible

I fully admit that I sometimes take for granted how things work. I know that without science and technology, much of what I do and enjoy everyday wouldn't be possible. But I don't give enough credit to the behind-the-scenes magic.

Students Offer Sound Solutions For Reducing Carbon Emissions at Industrial Plants

Each June brings memories of graduation. I remember the day I walked across the stage to accept my high school diploma – how full of promise the future seemed. I also remember listening to our valedictorian and salutatorian speeches and realizing that these folks really had a bright future.

Young Chemists Encouraged To Pen Thoughts On Sustainability

There are myriad good things about the International Year of Chemistry (IYC), including the many creative ways businesses in the chemical industry choose to celebrate. The most recent tip of the hat to IYC is from Elsevier, publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services.