Chemical Reaction

Weigh In On Proposed Names for Two New Elements

Hot dog! Now is my chance to have my name immortalized on the Periodic Table. I just have to decide on Tracionium or Purdumion. Well, it's not that easy. But, there are two elements waiting in the wings for approval on their proposed names.

Researchers At Princeton Speed Up "A-ha" Moments

I remember my first "a-ha" moment. I'm ashamed to say it wasn't until my early teens. But then again, I was amassing the information I needed to fuel the "a-ha" moment. Since then, I've had numerous "a-ha" moments – some not as earth-shattering as others.

Serendipity Leads To Dust Library

Scientists have isolated 63 unique dust particles from their laboratory. The unexpected discovery has launched the creation of a dust library. Had I known, I would have invited those researchers from The Ohio State University to my house to really build a dust library.

Scientist Swallows Sword In The Name Of Ig Nobels

I missed this year's Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony. I began to panic when I realized my mistake in planning for the event. I even instinctively went to my DVR menu to see if I remembered to record it.

My Alma Mater Makes Me Proud

I am a proud graduate of Ohio's Kent State University. I've been a proud graduate for a long time. But it wasn't until recently that my family and friends started taking my KSU alumni status as the mark of a great education.

Young Chemists Will Carry The Torch At The 2012 Olympiad

You don't have to travel to London next year to partake in a historic Olympiad. Nope – you can make your travel plans around the Washington, D.C., area instead. What's that? You didn't realize the U.S. was hosting an Olympiad in 2012?

Experts Sound Off On The Future of Sustainable Chemistry

Reading like a who's who of the chemical industry, experts from around the world assembled for The Future of Sustainable Chemistry online conference held on Aug. 16.

Backyard Science Goes Big Time Via Viral Videos

What would have happened if Gallagher chose chemistry instead of comedy? I bet he'd still find a way to smash watermelons – but with liquid nitrogen instead of his trademark mallet.

Scientists Prove No More Sugar Meltdowns

Stop the presses – sugar doesn't melt, it decomposes. This news would make Willy Wonka giddy with delight. Not only is this a revolutionary discovery, it also means caramels will be tastier and pharmaceutical companies can tout with confidence that a spoonful of sugar will help the medicine go down.

Throw In The Towel On Contamination

I'm sort of a germaphobe. I get grossed out if I have to touch the door handle of a public restroom, I am leery of Laundromats and can't stand when hand towels are damp – that just means I have re-wash my hands and let them air dry.