Chemical Reaction

Defend Humankind Via Video Games

Forget World of Warcraft, let's master Bacto-Lab, Robo-Lobster, Cloud Control and Space Junker. Instead of role playing in fantasy land, you can engineer E.coli bacteria for beneficial applications. The key is to do so without letting loose harmful bacteria that would surely cause widespread panic.

Explosion Protection: There's A Merit Badge For That

I'm pretty sure I was an honorary Boy Scout. For 10 years my parents served as den leaders for my brother's various troops and I remember always tagging along to the outings. While I didn't have the official uniform, I do remember how much fun it was to be exposed...

Researchers Find Oil And Water Do Mix

Two repulsive interactions lead to a strong attraction – who knew? The researchers at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPC PAS) in Warsaw, that's who.

Forget 5S, Raccoons Can Help Create A World-Class Facility

In theory, everything will work as planned. It's not until a system is tested that manufacturers can be certain their processes are sound. Even better, an unexpected "test" to the system will expose all chinks in the process chain.

Weigh In On Proposed Names for Two New Elements

Hot dog! Now is my chance to have my name immortalized on the Periodic Table. I just have to decide on Tracionium or Purdumion. Well, it's not that easy. But, there are two elements waiting in the wings for approval on their proposed names.

Researchers At Princeton Speed Up "A-ha" Moments

I remember my first "a-ha" moment. I'm ashamed to say it wasn't until my early teens. But then again, I was amassing the information I needed to fuel the "a-ha" moment. Since then, I've had numerous "a-ha" moments – some not as earth-shattering as others.

Serendipity Leads To Dust Library

Scientists have isolated 63 unique dust particles from their laboratory. The unexpected discovery has launched the creation of a dust library. Had I known, I would have invited those researchers from The Ohio State University to my house to really build a dust library.

Scientist Swallows Sword In The Name Of Ig Nobels

I missed this year's Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony. I began to panic when I realized my mistake in planning for the event. I even instinctively went to my DVR menu to see if I remembered to record it.

My Alma Mater Makes Me Proud

I am a proud graduate of Ohio's Kent State University. I've been a proud graduate for a long time. But it wasn't until recently that my family and friends started taking my KSU alumni status as the mark of a great education.

Young Chemists Will Carry The Torch At The 2012 Olympiad

You don't have to travel to London next year to partake in a historic Olympiad. Nope – you can make your travel plans around the Washington, D.C., area instead. What's that? You didn't realize the U.S. was hosting an Olympiad in 2012?