Chemical Reaction

Let's Hear It For Really Old Stuff

A few years ago I received a press kit from Klein Tools. The company was celebrating its 150th anniversary. Usually this sort of "news" gets pushed to the back of my desk, but the press kit came with a T-Shirt that said "My tool is 150 years old . . .

3M Facebook Page Targets Fire Suppression, Features Elvis

3M recently launched a Facebook page called 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid. The page is said to be designed to advance the science of clean agent fire suppression via peer-to-peer communication. The hope is that fans of the page will chat about environmental regulations that affect the fire protection...

School Encourages Girls To Excel In Science And Engineering

A friend of mine from high school recently attended a presentation at his daughter's school about its STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) curriculum. He noted that he was amazed by the confidence and poise of the students there as they talked about computers, robotics, and engineering in general.

Summer Reading Takes Aim At The Periodic Table

While leafing through my latest issue of Entertainment Weekly I stumbled across an interesting book review. Normally these reviews are reserved for vampire-laden sagas and tantalizing tell-all books. But the book up for review was neither otherworldly nor gratuitous.

Transboundary Harm Could Impact A Power Plant Near You

In 2009 The Federated States of Micronesia filed a lawsuit against the Prunerov power station in the Czech Republic stating that pollution from the power station threatens the island's existence – despite the fact the island nation is 8,000 miles away.

Cartoon Caption Intimidates Its Way To The Top

Hoping to avoid disaster here at Chemical Processing, we chose the latest Comical Processing cartoon caption winner wisely.

The Children Are Our Future

Editors are always thinking about the future – future stories, future interviews, future readers. In fact, Editor Mark Rosenzweig often writes about engaging children in science and engineering in the hopes that we have a sustainable profession, and ultimately a sustainable audience. (Read: Convince A Child To Explore Engineering). 

Jumping On The Blog Bandwagon To Enlightenment

Everyone has a blog these days. Even my mother-in-law is a blogger. She has found a niche among the grandmotherly types who can't help but detail the lives of their grandchildren. She also gives equal time to the horse world she has been a part of since she was old...

No One Knows What To Make Of Starkey Steuernagle

I get to meet a lot of interesting people via my role at Chemical Processing. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting J.R. "Starkey" Steuernagle, general manager of Woodex Bearing Co. Inc. And for the record, Steuernagle is pronounced SHTOY-ur-noggle.

Science Proves Not All Vodkas Are Created Equally

I am a vodka snob. . . I admit it. An unfortunate experience in college cemented the fact that cheap vodka is not good vodka no matter what you mix with it.