Webinar Explains Why pH Probes Are Important

Trees Provide Rocket Fuel And Clean Water

Science is getting back to nature. Two separate press releases that crossed my desk made me want to go hug a tree. The first one touts new water filtration technologies via tree branches. The other notes that researchers have engineered a bacterium to synthesize pinene, a hydrocarbon produced by trees...

Best Inventions – Three Cheers For Chemical Engineers

Folks who continue the work from the brain trust behind things like sanitation and drinking water – chemical engineers – have voiced their opinions on what they deem the most important inventions over the last 100 years.

Hybrid Clay Could Be The Cost-Effective Answer To Water Purification

A study on “hybrid clay” that appears in the journal American Chemical Society (ACS) Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering suggests an inexpensive new material made of clay and papaya seeds removes harmful metals from water and could lower the cost of providing clean water to millions of people in the developing world.

Celebrities Join Dow To Address Water Crisis

The chemical industry and celebrities rarely collide. But every once in a while the stars align and companies like Dow seize the moment.