Industrial Rotten Egg Smell May Be Eradicated

If you've ever driven on the Indiana Turnpike into Chicago, you know you will pass through a few stretches of highway that smell like rotten eggs. It's not just in Indiana, it's in every state that features industrial manufacturing. I used to take a bus to work in downtown Cleveland.

Bar Trick Reveals Better Understanding Of Fluid Dynamics

Without fail someone always taps my friend Susan's beer bottle and makes it overflow. She gets so mad and makes an attempt to salvage the overflowing beer. This started many moons ago but the tradition continues because of her reaction.

Best Inventions – Three Cheers For Chemical Engineers

Folks who continue the work from the brain trust behind things like sanitation and drinking water – chemical engineers – have voiced their opinions on what they deem the most important inventions over the last 100 years.

Science Wages A War On Obesity

We are having a bout with little itty bitty ants. For some reason, they are hanging out in our upstairs bathroom. With no food source, I'm hoping they will go away on their own. If that's not the case, I will take action.

Looming Phosphorus Shortage May Prompt Recovery from Urine

Well, we are all in trouble if we have to start recycling our urine to save the world's phosphorus supply. : Current estimates suggest that phosphorus production could peak by 2030 and could be exhausted in the next 50-100 years.

Orange You Glad There's A Plan For Waste?

You've got to squeeze a lot of oranges to get a glass of juice. The lesson: It takes a lot of work to get to the reward. The fact: The reward leaves behind a lot of waste.