A Last Look Back at Chemical Security - Highlights from the Conversation

The first entry I wrote for this blog back in April 2010 was entitled “The Chemical Security Conversation” begins -- and what a conversation it’s been. I hope that we have been able to provide you with relevant news and information and maybe shed some light on a complex topic.

2012 Chemical Sector Security Summit: Theft and Diversion

At the 2012 Chemical Sector Security Summit I had the opportunity to attend the Theft and Diversion breakout session, which explored various chemical theft and diversion schemes as well as some of the measures companies are implementing to mitigate chemical theft and diversion.

ADT/CICC Joint Homeland Security Regulatory Workshop

This week, ADT was very excited to co-sponsor its 2nd annual Joint Chemical Security Regulatory Workshop with the Chemical Industry Council of California (CICC) in Los Angeles, California. The one-day workshop addressed various chemical security issues and regulatory challenges and offered attendees practical advice for compliance.

Keeping CFATS Costs Under Control

One of the things I get asked most often is how much it will cost for a facility to meet the CFATS mandates and how those costs can be kept down. It's an important question for facilities trying to get CFATS authorization and become more secure while at the same...