CFATS Update from DHS

Sue Armstrong, acting deputy assistant director of the department of Homeland Security Office of Infrastructure Protection was at the recent summit in Baltimore. She gave an overview of the progress being made on CFATS compliance.

Napolitano Talks CFATS

Earlier this month I was at the 2010 Chemical Sector Security Summit in Baltimore. The two-day event drew more than 400 participants and it was the best turn out I have seen in four years of attending this event.

Private Sector Partnering with FBI

I was at a recent conference where the FBI gave a presentation on its InfraGard program. It is a liaison between the private sector and the FBI and focuses on critical infrastructure, cyber and physical security.

CFATS Reauthorization May Take a Step Forward

The Senate bill that would reauthorize the CFATS mandate through October 4, 2015 looks like it will be marked up or voted on later this month. The bill was introduced in March of this year by Sen.

DHS Gets Serious about CFATS

According to an external memo from DHS, the department is beginning to enforce compliance. It's sending 18 chemical companies letters notifying them they have 10 days to complete a Site Security Plan (SSP). The DHS memo said that all 18 offending companies were sent their final tiering letter -- giving...

New Standards for Voluntary Preparedness

Just because your facility doesn’t fall under the CFATS mandates doesn’t mean that security isn’t still an issue for you. Every facility or business needs to take precautions and be ready for a possible emergency. Emergency preparedness can head off a disaster and in the event of an emergency; it...

The SSP: The First Step

The first two parts of the CFATS process, the Top Screen and Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) are meant to prepare facilities and DHS for the Site Security Plan (SSP) and its approval. They identify what COIs exist in what quantities, possible threats and existing security measures.

CVI: Keeping CFATS Info Secure

When congress created the CFATS mandate it also created a lot of paper work.  Site Vulnerability Assessments (SVAs) and Security Site Plans (SSPs) are hundreds of pages long with specific information on chemical facilities and their security - not information you would want to fall into the wrong hands.  So,...

Getting Updates on CFATS and Chemical Security

One of the things I will try to do with this blog is keep everyone updated on some of the better CFATS seminars or informational events being held. Most of these are free and they can be very useful in helping to get you the most current information on CFATS.

More Info on CFATS Info

I have said before if you are looking for good information on CFATS the place to start is with the Department of Homeland Security's website "Critical Infrastructure: Chemical Security." This page has a lot of information and it is updated regularly by DHS.