All Hail The Electric Cello And Futuristic Plastics

In the third grade my music teacher had us make a miniature model of the musical instrument of our choice. I chose the cello. I was so proud of my creation and couldn't wait to showcase it in front of my peers.

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's The Bayer Cross

My first memory of Bayer was a huge plastic pill that my grandpa had in his fishing tackle box. He was a doctor, so he always had swag from pharmaceutical companies. It was actually a container that I'm sure at one time held samples of the company's Aspirin.

Bayer Creates Plastic With A Memory

Bayer MaterialScience and BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing have developed shape memory plastics. Zap the plastic with heat and it goes back to its original shape. How cool is that? And I must admit that while I was reading the release, I started daydreaming about technology that...