DayGlo Boasts A Bright History and ACS Agrees

I'm a kid of the 1980s. I grew up wearing super-bright shirts, socks, shoes and accessories and I had my share of black-light posters that glowed in the dark. While my attire was bright, apparently I wasn't.

From Dust To Snow To Winter Wonderland

Tomorrow is the first day of winter and in Cleveland we still haven't seen any snow. According to the weather reports, that's about to change. I must admit, I enjoy a good snow storm -- especially the first one of the season.

Young Chemists Will Carry The Torch At The 2012 Olympiad

You don't have to travel to London next year to partake in a historic Olympiad. Nope – you can make your travel plans around the Washington, D.C., area instead. What's that? You didn't realize the U.S. was hosting an Olympiad in 2012?

Experts Sound Off On The Future of Sustainable Chemistry

Reading like a who's who of the chemical industry, experts from around the world assembled for The Future of Sustainable Chemistry online conference held on Aug. 16.

Bring On The Waffles and Pancakes

Anytime I read about a food item that's been moved up the naughty list and actually crosses over to good-for-you status, I take note.

ACS Webinar Presents Kitchen Chemistry

Once again the American Chemical Society (ACS) has caught my attention with its fun webinar series. Earlier this year the ACS won me over with the Chemistry of Beer and Brewing webinar. This time they promise to share chemistry tips that can transform my kitchen into a workshop of culinary delights.

ACS Taps Into The Chemistry of Beer and Brewing

Who says chemical industry events are boring? I have proof that this industry knows how to kick back, relax and have a good time. Case in point, The American Chemical Society (ACS) is hosting a webinar that I plan on attending: Tapping into the Chemistry of Beer and Brewing.

Science Proves Not All Vodkas Are Created Equally

I am a vodka snob. . . I admit it. An unfortunate experience in college cemented the fact that cheap vodka is not good vodka no matter what you mix with it.

Study Shows Cigarette Butts Prevent Rust

Need another reason to quit smoking? Scientists have discovered that the chemicals found in used cigarette butts can prevent corrosion on steel pipes.

Don't Miss The Molecule Of The Week

Here's yet another reason I wish I had an iPhone rather than another brand "smartphone" -- The American Chemical Society (ACS) just launched an iPhone application for its Molecule of the Week (MOTW). It's also available on the iPod Touch and the just-released iPad.