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So what do you do with a STEM degree?

Have a degree in science, technology, engineering or math and not sure what do with your life? Why not hop on stage and front a band or dazzle millions on the silver screen. Need a few mentors to emulate? The Guardian posted a slideshow of 15 people you can look...

Trees Provide Rocket Fuel And Clean Water

Science is getting back to nature. Two separate press releases that crossed my desk made me want to go hug a tree. The first one touts new water filtration technologies via tree branches. The other notes that researchers have engineered a bacterium to synthesize pinene, a hydrocarbon produced by trees...

Bar Trick Reveals Better Understanding Of Fluid Dynamics

Without fail someone always taps my friend Susan's beer bottle and makes it overflow. She gets so mad and makes an attempt to salvage the overflowing beer. This started many moons ago but the tradition continues because of her reaction.

Research Says Love IS a Drug

Do I love thee? Let me check my dopamine and oxytocin levels and I'll get back to you. Oh – and if I do love you, I will exhibit the same behavior as a person seeking a drug fix: risk taking to get what I want and withdrawal symptoms if...

Best Inventions – Three Cheers For Chemical Engineers

Folks who continue the work from the brain trust behind things like sanitation and drinking water – chemical engineers – have voiced their opinions on what they deem the most important inventions over the last 100 years.

CP's Regulatory Editor Joins Chemical Spill Conversation

Since last week's chemical spill in Charleson, W. Va., concern and news coverage regarding what went wrong abounds. At the center is Freedom Industries, a producer of specialty chemicals for the mining, steel and cement industries.

Researcher Proves Rules of Chemistry Can Be Broken

I like to fancy myself a rebel. It's not all bad. In the ninth grade my biology teacher told me I'd never be an "A" student. I thumbed my nose at him and the rest of the year I aced his class. Tell Artem R.

Rock's Good Vibrations Super Charge Solar Cells

I've always known that rock music has the power to energize. In fact, as I took to my treadmill this morning I got a spring in my step the minute Mick Jagger started pleading "Gimme Shelter."

Program Aims To Galvanize, Fund Science And Engineering

I was listening to a recent TED Talks podcast featuring Jason Pontin. Pontin is the editor in chief and publisher of MIT Technology Review. The topic: Can technology solve our big problems. He starts out describing Buzz Aldrin's descent out of Apollo 11 on July 21, 1969.