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Best Inventions – Three Cheers For Chemical Engineers

Folks who continue the work from the brain trust behind things like sanitation and drinking water – chemical engineers – have voiced their opinions on what they deem the most important inventions over the last 100 years.

CP's Regulatory Editor Joins Chemical Spill Conversation

Since last week's chemical spill in Charleson, W. Va., concern and news coverage regarding what went wrong abounds. At the center is Freedom Industries, a producer of specialty chemicals for the mining, steel and cement industries.

Researcher Proves Rules of Chemistry Can Be Broken

I like to fancy myself a rebel. It's not all bad. In the ninth grade my biology teacher told me I'd never be an "A" student. I thumbed my nose at him and the rest of the year I aced his class. Tell Artem R.

Rock's Good Vibrations Super Charge Solar Cells

I've always known that rock music has the power to energize. In fact, as I took to my treadmill this morning I got a spring in my step the minute Mick Jagger started pleading "Gimme Shelter."

Program Aims To Galvanize, Fund Science And Engineering

I was listening to a recent TED Talks podcast featuring Jason Pontin. Pontin is the editor in chief and publisher of MIT Technology Review. The topic: Can technology solve our big problems. He starts out describing Buzz Aldrin's descent out of Apollo 11 on July 21, 1969.

Rare Alchemy Manuscripts Date Back To 15th Century

I'm a fan of Antiques Roadshow. The best moments happen when the experts tell an unassuming owner that their tchotchke was once owned by King Arthur/Ptolemy/Mendeleev and it dates back to before they were keeping track of days.

Science Wages A War On Obesity

We are having a bout with little itty bitty ants. For some reason, they are hanging out in our upstairs bathroom. With no food source, I'm hoping they will go away on their own. If that's not the case, I will take action.

Sting Reveals Research Journals Accept Rubbish

When I first read the news that a spoof paper almost made its way into several open-access journals I thought I was reading something from The Onion. I poked around and found the news was true – and sad.

Another Breaking Bad Fix Via ACS Video

My name is Traci and I have never watched Breaking Bad. I've heard many good things about it and I always contemplated watching it, but time got away from me and seasons changed and I was worried I would never catch up. Yes, I know there's always Netflix. . .

2013 Ig Nobels: Modified Onions Mean No More Tears; Unpredictable Cows

Earlier this month the world celebrated the 23rd First Annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. The Ig Nobel Prizes are organized by the magazine Annals of Improbable Research. The ceremony is co-sponsored by the Harvard-Radcliffe Society of Physics Students and the Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Association.