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  • Simulation Improves Polyester Manufacturing

    DuPont Polyester Technologies (DPT) realizes the benefit of CFX computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling software, which provides a multi-size bubble model and manages the complexities involved with modeling a rotating agitator.

  • Bend It Like Coriolis

    Understand the basics of Coriolis flowmeter design. Dual curved-tube and single straight-tube meters offer different advantages.

  • Crack the Code

    When specifying dust collectors, it may not be necessary to follow ASME code to the letter. Ask the right questions and ask them early

  • Virtual Fluid Dynamics

    Flow-simulation software could save millions of dollars at chemical and process unit operations

    Franz Zdravistch and Ahmad Haidari
  • Better Than a Crystal Ball

    Computer modeling lets you forecast compressed air energy savings, reducing the risk of a poor decision

    Jeff Yarnall, P.E
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