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  • Plant Assesses Alarm Displays

    Trial finds that many operators prefer an alternative visualization approach

    Peter T. Bullemer and Dal Vernon C. Reising, Human Centered Solutions, Mischa Tolsma, Shell, and Jason C. Laberge, Alberta Health Services
  • Apps Afford A Constant Connection

    Mobile technologies are going to change the way plants are operated.

    Walt Boyes, Editor in Chief of our sister publications Control and Control Global
  • Resolve a Regulator Riddle

    Don't assume a malfunction when a regulator's outlet pressure unexpectedly rises.

    Michael D. Adkins and Wouter Pronk, Swagelok Company
  • Consider Natural Gas

    Switching to the fuel may make sense even for sites far from pipelines.

    Steven T. Carty, Kleinfelder, and Stephen J. Lynch, M+W Automation
  • Confront Control System Challenges

    Five key hurdles to security and compliance can complicate modernization efforts

    Jacob Kitchel and Michael Piccalo, Industrial Defender
  • Touchscreen Technology Simplifies HMI Experience

    Process plant displays are taking a cue from smart phones and tablets much to the delight of operators.

    Dan Hebert, senior technical editor for our sister publications Control, Control Design and Industrial Networking.
  • Batch Processing Gets a Boost

    Better data analyis and process control are providing significant benefits.

    Seán Ottewell, Editor at Large
  • Win At Energy Management

    Hold all the aces by taking a lifecycle approach.

    Jesus Vallejo, Honeywell Process Solutions
  • Migrate Without A Migraine

    Understand all the challenges of updating a process control system.

    Ian Verhappen, Industrial Automation Networks Inc.
  • Eliminate Signal Gibberish

    Several steps can help maintain the integrity of measurement and control signals.

    Greg Livelli, ABB Measurement Products
  • Device Offers Insights on Rheology

    Tool enables real-time monitoring of how viscosity of liquids changes during a production process.

    Chemical Processing Staff
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