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  • Prepare for the GHS Compliance Deadline

    Chemical classifications and hazards need to be reviewed and formatted properly into 16 different sections.

    Sharon Brody, MSDS author and GHS compliance consultant at GTS Translation Services
  • Control valve diagnostics

    Health monitoring leaves fewer reasons to live with stiction, wrong-sizing and excessive wear.

    Sheila Kennedy
  • Predicting Motor Failure

    Power signatures reveal potential problems with performance and reliability.

    Sheila Kennedy, contributing editor
  • Condition Monitoring Matures

    Sheila Kennedy, contributing editor for Plant Services, says it's a new world for the maintenance profession.

    Sheila Kennedy, contributing editor for Plant Services
  • Alleviate Heat Exchanger Flaws

    Heat exchanger flaws and fouling increase fuel usage and maintenance costs and put operations and production at risk.

    Sheila Kennedy, contributing editor to Plant Services magazine
  • Air System Enhancements

    Contributing Editor Sheila Kennedy explains how to optimize compressed air quality, moisture, energy and priorities.

    Sheila Kennedy, contributing editor, Plant Services
  • Conquer corrosion

    Zirconium proves to be the ideal material to overcome corrosion and abrasion problems. It naturally forms an adherent, self-healing protective film that protects it from chemical attack

    Stan Kirsch
  • Boost Engineering Quality

    Focus on a number of factors that cause problems on projects

    Stephen Cabano, Pathfinder, LLC
  • Find the perfect steam trap

    Consider a variety of factors to select a unit that comes the closest. What steam traps lack in size, they make up for in numbers. In a typical steam plant, their numbers range from several hundred in a large steam plant to more than 20,000 in refinery or chemical complexes.

    Stephen Frank, Richards Industries, Inc.
  • Make the Most of Condensate

    A few steps can yield sizable savings and improve exchanger performance.

    Steve Ashby, Armstrong International
  • Gaskets: meeting the acid test in sealing

    Dow Corning Corp. was experiencing difficulties sealing a large hydrochloric acid column. GORE-TEX Series 600 gasket tape proved it could seal tightly for an extended period of time.

    Steve Beach, Dow Corning Corp., and Rob Haywood, W.L. Gore & Associates
  • Effectively Utilize Technologies For Process Automation

    Involve system designers, production, maintenance, quality and compliance from the project’s inception to completion.

    Steve Malyszko, president & CEO, Malisko Engineering, for our sister publication Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • CFATS E-News: Using the SSP Edit Tool

    The Infrastructure Security Compliance Division published a guide to assist facilities in understanding the SSP Edit Process.

    Steve Roberts, Roberts Law Group
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