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  • CFATS E-News: Using the SSP Edit Tool

    The Infrastructure Security Compliance Division published a guide to assist facilities in understanding the SSP Edit Process.

    Steve Roberts, Roberts Law Group
  • Curb Control Valve Cavitation

    It's possible to abate or perhaps even avoid costly damage.

    Steven Hocurscak and Kyle Rayhill, Neles & Mapag
  • Consider Natural Gas

    Switching to the fuel may make sense even for sites far from pipelines.

    Steven T. Carty, Kleinfelder, and Stephen J. Lynch, M+W Automation
  • No more turnaround headaches

    After the purchase of Enhanced Separation Technologies, Sulzer Chemtech USA now offers a more complete line of equipment and services for column repairs, maintenance and turnarounds.

    Sulzer Chemtech USA
  • Optimize Water Use

    Four major drivers are spurring increasing interest in optimizing water use.

    Tabatha Pellerin and John Woodhull, ENSR International
  • Advanced Diagnostics Pay Off

    Impressive results earn "HART Plant of the Year" honor.

    Takayuki Aoyama, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.
  • Don't Send Money Down the Drain

    A versatile system meets Federal standards while minimizing VOCs in wastewater

    Terrence T. Virnig, P.E., C.H.M.M., Synthetech Inc., and John A. Meidl
  • Keep Process Analyzers On-Stream

    Despite computer operation simplicity, personal skills are still needed to achieve the full benefits of process monitoring.

    Terry McMahon, Steve Walton and Jim Tatera for Plant Services
  • Tackle tough separations

    There are a plethora of devices in the marketplace that are designed to improve separation and thus improve product efficiency.  Learn how to determine which one is ideal for each particular process application.

    Thomas H. Wines, Pall Corp.
  • Chemical Industry Bounces Back

    Positive outlook should last through 2012 with emerging nations posting strongest gains.

    Thomas K. Swift, American Chemistry Council
  • What Will 2012 Bring?

    US chemical makers face challenges but are gaining a competitive edge

    Thomas K. Swift, American Chemistry Council
  • Prospects Brighten for Chemical Industry

    A variety of signs point to sustained growth by the U.S. chemical makers.

    Thomas Kevin Swift and Martha Gilchrist Moore, American Chemistry Council
  • Avoid trouble with slurries

    Handling slurries (a mix of solids and liquids), should be based on experience and experiments, not theory. Much of the knowledge obtained from pneumatic conveyors and fluidization systems can be used in understanding slurries.

    Thomas R. Blackwood, Healthsite Associates
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