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  • Say farewell to the old energy paradigm

    Controlling costs in today’s market requires a different approach, says Christopher Russell, contributing editor, in this month's Energy Saver column.

    Christopher Russell, contributing editor
  • Scientific Method: Rethink Experiment Design

    The traditional approach to experimentation, often referred to as the “scientific method,” requires changing only one factor at a time (OFAT), but this method only allows one to see things one dimension at a time. By varying factors only at two levels each, but simultaneously rather than one at a time, experimenters can uncover important interactions.

    Mark J. Anderson and Patrick J. Whitcomb, Stat-Ease
  • SCPA Delays Could Impact Industry

    Adoption and implementation of potentially "game changing" regulations are now unclear.

    Lynn L. Bergeson, Regulatory Editor
  • Seal in long-term savings

    When it comes to minimizing costs, the traditional focus on component or unit cost may be giving way to an alternative approach. Indeed, more and more users are deciding that the long-term benefits of premium-priced elastomeric seal technology outweigh the initial investment.

    Russell Schnell, DuPont Performance Elastomers
  • Seal Makers Plug Away

    Many new developments focus on niche applications.

    Seán Ottewell, Editor at Large
  • Sealless pumps get their turn

    Cost and design improvements are spurring increasing use, particularly for handling hazardous fluids.

    Nick Basta
  • Security poses an inherent industry dilemma

    Industry faces the threat of draconian demands from Congress as chemical plants remain an attractive targets for terrorism attacks, according to Mark Rosenzweig, editor in chief of Chemical Processing.

    Mark Rosenzweig, editor in chief
  • See Risks More Clearly

    Avoid a number of common errors that can blur your vision

    Angela Summers, SIS-TECH Solutions, LP
  • See You At The Show

    On-the-scene reporting at the 2011 Chem Show will help attendees and others.

    Traci Purdum, Senior Digital Editor
  • Seeds May Grow As Feedstock Source

    Researchers have metabolically engineered seeds, thus enhancing the prospects of using seeds as a source of raw materials.

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