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  • Streamline Your Chemical Process

    Removing complexities that creep in over time can enhance operations.

    Richard J. Beaman, Jr., Eric Hopkins and Clifford Reese, SSOE Group
  • Pumps benefit from a vane effort

    Widely used but underappreciated, back pump-out vanes extend bearings and seal life.

    Richard Nardone, ITT Industrial & BioPharm Group
  • Pilot plants: destined for development

    Pilot plants are on the verge of an unprecedented evolution. Read about the 10 factors that'll impact the design, construction and operation of these next-generation units.

    Richard Palluzi, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co.
  • Become a cyber-security pacesetter

    Today, most plants with control systems must contend with many pressures both to allow access to data and to secure those data.

    Rick Kaun, Matrikon, Inc.
  • Simplified Test Codes for Blowers

    The test procedures developed in CAGI BL 5389 provides uniform verification of the performance of the range of turbomachinery packages offered to the marketplace.

    Rick Stasyshan and the CAGI Blower Section, for our sister publication Plant Services
  • Use leading KPIs to spot trouble

    Does your plant have reliability issues and a hard time meeting production targets? Metrics such as key performance indicators (KPIs), when identified and aligned properly, can save your plant, your job and your career. So grab a pen, open your mind and get ready to learn.

    Ricky Smith, CMRP, Contributing Editor
  • Properly Assess Your Boiler

    Conduct thorough energy assessments to meet new MACT compliance requirements.

    Riyaz Papar, Energy Columnist
  • Improve Insulation

    Hot surfaces can lead to significant energy losses and pose personal injury risks

    Riyaz Papar, Energy Columnist
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