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  • Safeguard plant safety

    The worst thing that can happen at your plant is that an employee suffers a serious injury from a preventable accident. Follow some proven maintenance pointers to keep operations safe.

    Joe Kaulfersch, Pepperl+Fuchs
  • Safely Manage Compressed Air Condensate

    Proactively correcting condensate issues can help reduce excess condensate from carrying over into the network, saturating the piping system and contaminating production equipment.

    Mark Krisa, Ingersoll Rand Compression Technologies and Services
  • Safety Is No Accident

    Organizations that take a “felt leadership” approach to process safety management are making strides in the ongoing quest to improve process safety.

    Chemical Processing
  • Safety pros put "SIS" in systems

    While large chemical companies have engaged in rigorous safety analysis for years, the benefits of safety instrumented systems technology are becoming better known to smaller manufacturers.

    Nick Basta
  • Safety: Do You Need An MNS?

    Regulations may not require a mass notification system but it still may be a good idea.

    Jim Otte, SSOE Group
  • Sample pump eliminates emissions

    A compact system significantly improves analyzer accuracy. This innovative turnkey solution for analyzer emissions is a solid-state pump with an ultra-sensitive pressure regulator that mixes a compatible gas with the analyzer samples to achieve a constant vent header pressure — even during times of plant upset.

    Kazi Hassa, Parker Hannifin
  • Sasol plant benefits from reliability improvements

    Sasol Solvents reduced operating costs by more than $2 million dollars at it’s plants in Sasolburg, South Africa. The efforts earned the facility the 2005 HART Plant of the Year Award.

    Dirk Willard, senior editor
  • Save a bundle solving pressure-drop problems

    Pressure drop in compressor-suction and interstage coolers often creates problems. In some cases, just a few pounds of extra pressure drop make a revamp unworkable.

    Andrew Sloley
  • Save Big on Large Gaskets

    A simple step can reduce inventory, avoid long lead times and ease installation

    Rob Haywood, W. L. Gore & Associates Inc.
  • Save Cold Cash

    Here are a few tips to keep your winter energy bills under control.

    Gary Faagau, Energy Columnist
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