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  • Improve Operator Training

    Make the most of simulators by understanding five key factors for success.

    Martin Ross, Honeywell Process Solutions
  • Plant Pares Water Use and Disposal Costs

    Process changes save water and improve water treatment.

    Mary Beth Hudson and D. J. Lutz, Wacker Chemical Corporation, and Mike Wood and Brannon Thompson, GE Water & Process Technologies
  • Ban the Leaks

    Choose a ball valve with leak-tight seals to curb fugitive emissions.

    Michael Adkins and Pete Ehlers
  • Combat contamination

    Consider the impact of slope, fittings and valves. Plants can lose sizable amounts of money each year because of contamination caused in process lines. Owners and contractors alike can take steps in the design and construction phase to enhance the drainability and cleanability of a system.

    Michael Bridge, Swagelok Company
  • Resolve a Regulator Riddle

    Don't assume a malfunction when a regulator's outlet pressure unexpectedly rises.

    Michael D. Adkins and Wouter Pronk, Swagelok Company
  • Prepare for More Safety Inspections

    A recently launched enforcement program targets chemical facilities.

    Michael J. Hazzan and Martin R. Rose, AcuTech Consulting Group
  • Repair Your Mechanical Integrity Program

    The first step in creating an effective mechanical integrity program is to accurately interpret how these broadly written performance-based requirements apply at each site.

    Michael J. Hazzan, Chemetica, Inc./AcuTech Consulting Group
  • Avoid Alarm Blunders

    Ineffective alarm systems pose a serious risk to safety, the environment, and plant profitability. Too often, alarm system effectiveness is unknowingly undermined by poorly-configured alarms. Read about these 12 common mistakes that can undermine the management of your alarm system.

    Michael Marvan
  • Make Safety Second Nature

    A strong focus on building the right corporate culture is crucial.

    Michael R. Gambrell, The Dow Chemical Co.
  • Portable conveyor speeds paint production

    Unit ensures a consistent flow of soft acrylic powder without lumps or sticking, improving the production of thermoplastic paint.

    Michel Podevyn, Spiroflow Systems, Inc.
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