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  • Consider Dividing Wall Columns

    These distillation units often can provide both capital and energy savings.

    John G. Pendergast, David Vickery, Patrick Au-Yeung and Joe Anderson, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Consider changing the speed not the pump

    Chemical Processing's Contributing Editor Andrew Sloley advises that instead of reflexively resorting to brute force to provide enough head, adjusting the pump speed might make for a better solution.

    Andrew Sloley, contributing editor
  • Consider Cascade Control

    Such configurations sometimes offer benefits for tubular exchangers.

    Cecil L. Smith, Cecil L. Smith, Inc.
  • Consider an Alternative Security Program

    Such an approach may save time and money and provide better protection from all kinds of threats.

    Frank Pisciotta, Business Protection Specialists
  • Consider Air Seals Advantages

    They offer a number benefits over packing for sealing rotating equipment

    Tom Horner and Neil Hoehle, Inpro/Seal
  • Consider a Cold Eye Review

    Input from independent experts can bolster prospects for project success

    Brett W. Bailey, Pathfinder, LLC
  • Conquer Pilot Plant Challenges

    Use design of experiments to minimize the number of runs and ensure meaningful data

    Ron Stites, Stites & Associates, LLC
  • Conquer corrosion

    Zirconium proves to be the ideal material to overcome corrosion and abrasion problems. It naturally forms an adherent, self-healing protective film that protects it from chemical attack

    Stan Kirsch
  • Confront Control System Challenges

    Five key hurdles to security and compliance can complicate modernization efforts

    Jacob Kitchel and Michael Piccalo, Industrial Defender
  • Condition Monitoring Matures

    Sheila Kennedy, contributing editor for Plant Services, says it's a new world for the maintenance profession.

    Sheila Kennedy, contributing editor for Plant Services
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