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  • Improve Insulation

    Hot surfaces can lead to significant energy losses and pose personal injury risks

    Riyaz Papar, Energy Columnist
  • Save Big on Large Gaskets

    A simple step can reduce inventory, avoid long lead times and ease installation

    Rob Haywood, W. L. Gore & Associates Inc.
  • Achieve Model Operations

    Plants can solve a range of problems by leveraging design models

    Rob Hockley and Ron Beck
  • Volume Equals Power

    Learn how to balance storage against excess air compressor capacity.

    Robert E. Wilson
  • Optimize Centrifugal Pump System Efficiency

    Take steps to reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and improve process control

    Robert Lax, ITT PRO Services, and Mike Pemberton, ITT Goulds Pumps/Plant Performance Services
  • Improve Project Controls

    People-related problems often hobble current efforts.

    Robert Mathias, Pathfinder, LLC
  • Rethink Sample System Automation

    NeSSI provides new tools to tackle the challenges and improve performance.

    Robert N. Dubois, consulting analytical specialist
  • Implementing an operations management system

    Things are changing at warp speed. Manufacturing companies are collecting large volumes of data from data systems but improvements are possible only if the data are analyzed and developed into useful business parameters.

    Robert Wojewodka, The Lubrizol Corp.
  • Flame Modeling Provides Matchless Results

    A computer simulation helps solve a refinery combustion problem. Finding ways to limit NOx from fired heaters, especially under stringent environmental regulations, has become a major concern for the petroleum refining industry. Complying with new stricter regulations, a Texas refinery upgraded the burners in one of its large cylindrical furnaces.

    Roberto Ruiz, Ph.D., John Zink Co.
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