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  • Product stewardship takes a grave turn

    European Union mandates have impacted products produced and sold in the U.S., and will ultimately affect the chemical industry, according to Editor in Chief Mark Rosenzweig.

    Mark Rosenzweig, Editor in Chief
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  • Profit More from Process Simulation

    The technology can improve a plant's bottom line in numerous ways.

    Grant Stephenson, Peter Henderson and Henry Schindler, Honeywell Process Solutions
  • Properly Assess Economics

    Understand when common evaluation methods are most appropriate

    Andrew Sloley, Contributing Editor
  • Properly Assess Your Boiler

    Conduct thorough energy assessments to meet new MACT compliance requirements.

    Riyaz Papar, Energy Columnist
  • Properly deliver compressed gases

    From large petrochemical units to tiny pharmaceutical pilot plants, day-to-day operations depend upon providing compressed gases in a controlled, safe and environmentally conscious manner. Correct gas handling also can improve process efficiency.

    Larry Gallagher, CONCOA
  • Properly Install Column Internals

    Good installation is crucial for trouble-free startups and optimum tower performance. Experienced installers share their practical knowledge to help you make sure that your tower will work as expected. The advice also applies to absorbers and strippers.

    Frank Rukovena, Jr., Fractionation Research, Inc.
  • Properly introduce solids into a flowing gas stream

    Particulate solids are often required to be introduced into a flowing gas stream. If not done correctly, introduction of solids into the gas stream can lead to impingement of solids on the pipe, resulting in erosion of the pipe in the area of the solids introduction.

  • Properly Measure Duct Flow

    Getting accurate readings can pose challenges.

    Dave Winters and Amy K. Johnson, Emerson Process Management
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