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  • EPA Releases Q&As on New TSCA

    Latest guidance pertains to fast tracking persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic chemicals

    Lynn L. Bergeson, regulatory editor
  • EPA Speeds Review of Chemicals

    With the aim to reduce toxic exposure, agency fast tracks the evaluation of five chemicals

    Lynn L. Bergeson, regulatory editor
  • Scientific Method: Rethink Experiment Design

    The traditional approach to experimentation, often referred to as the “scientific method,” requires changing only one factor at a time (OFAT), but this method only allows one to see things one dimension at a time. By varying factors only at two levels each, but simultaneously rather than one at a time, experimenters can uncover important interactions.

    Mark J. Anderson and Patrick J. Whitcomb, Stat-Ease
  • Catalyst Screening Gets Faster

    Automated chromatographic alignment enhances high-throughput testing

    Mark Krawczyk, Charles P. McGonegal, Matthew J. Schmidt, Mike McCall and J. W. Adriaan Sachtler, UOP, and Martin Plassen, Arne Karlsson and Elisabeth M. Myhrvold, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
  • Safely Manage Compressed Air Condensate

    Proactively correcting condensate issues can help reduce excess condensate from carrying over into the network, saturating the piping system and contaminating production equipment.

    Mark Krisa, Ingersoll Rand Compression Technologies and Services
  • Models Take off

    Process simulation historically has taken place within proprietary modeling environments. However, the ability of simulators to more accurately handle demanding tasks continues to evolve.

    Mark Rosenzweig
  • Chemical industry and academia must move closer

    The 7th World Congress of Chemical Engineering is nearly upon us, and "industry people" need to have a larger presence at these types of meetings, says Editor in Chief Mark Rosenzweig.

    Mark Rosenzweig
  • What price is right?

    Minimizing costs is only one part of the economic equation for profitability.

    Mark Rosenzweig
  • Vaaler Award Winners

    Editor in Chief Mark Rosenzweig congratulates the winners for CP's annual Vaaler awards, given to the products and services that most improve the operations and economics of plants.

    Mark Rosenzweig
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