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  • Come together

    Integration of plant-floor, building, physical security, and enterprise network means more changes for unathorized access and more need for intelligent security, cooperation, and training.

    Jim Montague, Executive Editor
  • Combination Buoys Biofuels

    A fungus that normally lives on fallen trees possesses a wealth of enzymes for converting cellulosic matter to sugars

  • Combat contamination

    Consider the impact of slope, fittings and valves. Plants can lose sizable amounts of money each year because of contamination caused in process lines. Owners and contractors alike can take steps in the design and construction phase to enhance the drainability and cleanability of a system.

    Michael Bridge, Swagelok Company
  • Column configuration can cripple performance

    The importance of having the inherent capability to meet operating requirements and enable proper instrumentation performance is stressed by Contributing Editor Andrew Sloley.

    Andrew Sloley, contributing editor
  • Collar hazards with a Bow-Tie

    A flexible, graphical method offers many advantages for initial process hazard analyses. Read here for a detailed explanation of the Bow-Tie method.

    Jack Philley, Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc.
  • Collaboration extends Its reach

    The step change occurring in engineering technology is being driven by the latest capabilities of design and operating software to exchange these data.

    Nick Basta
  • Coating Boosts Heat Transfer

    Researchers say coating improves energy efficiency and may prevent corrosion of the underlying surface.

    Chemical Processing Staff
  • CMMS: Step By Step

    David Berger, P.Eng., Plant Services contributing editor, explains how to get more from your CMMS through process mapping.

    David Berger, P.Eng., Plant Services contributing editor
  • CMMS versus EAM

    Plant Services Contributing Editor David Berger, P.Eng., says it’s the most frequently asked question during the past decade.

    David Berger, Contributing Editor to Plant Services
  • Closing the gap on chemical plant security

    The industry is building a security-conscious culture, but some facilities are behind the curve. The problem may not be assessment, but implementation

    Agnes Shanley
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