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  • Process engineering: In the trenches of Fieldbus War II

    Like the 20th Century’s Great Conflict, the first Fieldbus War never really ended. But what will the outcome be this time? This article from CONTROL makes an educated prediction on how the battle may turn out.

  • Models Take off

    Process simulation historically has taken place within proprietary modeling environments. However, the ability of simulators to more accurately handle demanding tasks continues to evolve.

    Mark Rosenzweig
  • Put Your Column on the Map

    Residue curve maps (RCMs) can be employed in a variety of ways, including system visualization, evluation of data, and process synthesis, modeling and troubleshooting

    Scott Barnicki
  • Simulation Improves Polyester Manufacturing

    DuPont Polyester Technologies (DPT) realizes the benefit of CFX computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling software, which provides a multi-size bubble model and manages the complexities involved with modeling a rotating agitator.

  • Virtual Fluid Dynamics

    Flow-simulation software could save millions of dollars at chemical and process unit operations

    Franz Zdravistch and Ahmad Haidari
  • Better Than a Crystal Ball

    Computer modeling lets you forecast compressed air energy savings, reducing the risk of a poor decision

    Jeff Yarnall, P.E
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