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  • Pick the Real Culprit

    A recent international alarm management standard is ratcheting up pressure for improvement

    Seán Ottewell, Editor at Large
  • Begin a Project Right

    A thorough process definition lays the foundation for a successful greenfield project

    Dale Feldhaus, SSOE Group
  • Control the Skids

    Essential information is needed to keep a project from going off track.

  • Boost Engineering Quality

    Focus on a number of factors that cause problems on projects

    Stephen Cabano, Pathfinder, LLC
  • EPA Expands TSCA Rule

    Nine hazardous chemicals go on watch list to prevent their import

    Lynn Bergeson, regulatory editor
  • Defeat Targeted Cyber Attacks

    Unidirectional security gateways can protect against these tightly focused threats

    Andrew Ginter, Waterfall Security
  • See Risks More Clearly

    Avoid a number of common errors that can blur your vision

    Angela Summers, SIS-TECH Solutions, LP
  • Catalyst Screening Gets Faster

    Automated chromatographic alignment enhances high-throughput testing

    Mark Krawczyk, Charles P. McGonegal, Matthew J. Schmidt, Mike McCall and J. W. Adriaan Sachtler, UOP, and Martin Plassen, Arne Karlsson and Elisabeth M. Myhrvold, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
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