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  • Carving Up Security

    Many process control engineers and IT technicians are still learning to communicate with each other, but some are sitting down to define roles and divvy up security responsibilities to give their applications and organizations some much-needed peace of mind.

    Jim Montague, Executive Editor, Control Global
  • The Evolution of the Process Control Engineer

    We’ve come a long way from the days when refinery operators used flaming arrows to relight their flare systems, but even bigger changes may be ahead.

    Ian Nimmo, Control Global
  • Give an Enduring Gift

    Donating time and technical expertise can transform the lives of people in the developing world.

    Mark Rosenzweig, Editor in Chief
  • Chemical Engineers March On

    The road is uneven and includes geographic and demographic turns.

    Seán Ottewell, Editor at Large
  • We Want To Know

    How would you characterize your site's outreach efforts to your local community?

  • Air System Enhancements

    Contributing Editor Sheila Kennedy explains how to optimize compressed air quality, moisture, energy and priorities.

    Sheila Kennedy, contributing editor, Plant Services
  • Lean on Reliability

    Reliability excellence is the foundation of Lean manufacturing.

    Darrin Wikoff, CMRP
  • Look Back To Move Forward

    Here’re the most viewed items of 2008 on

    Traci Purdum, senior digital editor
  • Stripper Bares All

    Analysis reveals how operating practices compounded design mistakes

    Andrew Sloley, Contributing Editor
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