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  • Clamp Down on Clumping

    First understand what’s really causing the problem.

    Tom Blackwood, Healthsite Associates
  • Call It "Dereliction of Duty"

    Chemical companies too often don't exercise enough care when deactivating units.

    Mark Rosenzweig, Editor in Chief
  • Polymer Plant Achieves Record Output

    Faster batch turnarounds and better repeatability spur impressive results.

    By Adrian Moody and Ricky Bingham, Synthomer Sdn. Bdn. (Malaysia)
  • Pump Purchasing 201

    Not-so-common tips you should know before making a pump decision.

    Craig Redmond, P.E.
  • Look at Liquid Bypass

    Such process-side control of tubular exchangers offers advantages.

    Cecil L. Smith, Cecil L. Smith, Inc.
  • Rethink Sample System Automation

    NeSSI provides new tools to tackle the challenges and improve performance.

    Robert N. Dubois, consulting analytical specialist
  • Light Splits Water

    Light coupled with an inorganic catalyst can efficiently produce oxygen from water.

  • Speedy Upgrade Transforms Production

    Replacement of legacy control system offers immediate and long-term benefits.

    Ian Heathcock, Siemens Industrial Automation & Drives Technologies
  • Take Control Down a Level

    Sometimes you can design out the need for instrumentation.

    Andrew Sloley, contributing editor
  • Control System Migration

    Reduce Costs and Risk by Following These Control System Migration Best Practices

    Nigel James
  • Batch Control Gets Easier

    Loop tuning package doesn’t demand steady-state operation.

    John Gaines, Evonik Jayhawk Fine Chemicals, and Dennis Nash, Control Station, Inc.
  • Consider Cascade Control

    Such configurations sometimes offer benefits for tubular exchangers.

    Cecil L. Smith, Cecil L. Smith, Inc.
  • Carving Up Security

    Many process control engineers and IT technicians are still learning to communicate with each other, but some are sitting down to define roles and divvy up security responsibilities to give their applications and organizations some much-needed peace of mind.

    Jim Montague, Executive Editor, Control Global
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