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  • Work to build coalitions with difficult teams

    Managing feuds is the first step toward a successful project, according to Senior Editor Dirk Willard in his monthly installment of Chemical Processing's Field Notes column.

    Dirk Willard, senior editor
  • Work Safely with Nanomaterials

    OSHA provides basic information on potential hazards associated with nanotechnology.

    Lynn L. Bergeson, regulatory editor
  • Work On Workarounds

    Treat them as problems that can compromise plant safety.

    Dirk Willard, Contributing Editor
  • Woody Biomass Yields BTX

    Process combines gasification of lignocellulose biomass with Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and aromatization to produce benzene, toluene and xylene at high yields.

    Chemical Processing Staff
  • WirelessHART Successfully Handles Control

    Tests on stripper and absorber show results rival those with wired devices.

    Frank Seibert, University of Texas at Austin, and Terry Blevins, Emerson Process Management
  • Wireless: Ready or not

    A lively discussion of the current role of wireless in online condition monitoring.

  • Wireless | The brave new world of RFID | Chemical Processing

    Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, writes Agnes Shanley, is not only being evaluated or implemented by more companies for supply-chain management and security, it lets companies spy on employees or customers.

    Agnes Shanley
  • Wireless wins wider role

    Wireless is poised for a big breakthrough in plant operations because of its ease of use, safety and potential for energy savings.

    C. Kenna Amos, contributing editor
  • Wireless Starts to Mesh

    Plants are taking a broader view of the role of the technology

    C. Kenna Amos, contributing editor
  • Wireless Proves its Worth

    Plant's early experience leads to high value applications.

    Tim Gerami, PPG Industries, and Jerry Moon, Emerson Process Management
  • Wireless proponents take HART

    More chemical plants are expected to go wireless with the introduction of the new wireless protocol for HART devices.

    C. Kenna Amos, contributing editor
  • Wireless finds its calling

    For maintenance and condition-monitoring, wireless technology offers much more than just reducing or eliminating costs. However, wireless also requires an integrated infrastructure approach rather than independent, proprietary point solutions.

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