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  • Bhopal Leaves a Lasting Legacy

    The disaster taught some hard lessons that the chemical industry still sometimes forgets.

    Trevor A. Kletz, Loughborough University
  • Beyond Command and Control

    EPA's National Environmental Performance Track aims to motivate and reward top environmental performers

  • Beware of Energy Mishaps

    Webinar speakers identify common energy program mistakes.

    Gary Faagau, Energy Columnist
  • Better water technology is on tap

    The drought in many parts of the U.S. so far this summer points out the preciousness of water supplies. There’s greater demand for waste-minimization and recycle-and-reuse technologies as well as more awareness of utility usage and the impact of life-cycle costs on water-treatment operations. Here’s a look at new technologies that will help.

    C. Kenna Amos, contributing editor
  • Better UV Sensors Beckon

    New technique involves a single step for attaching the sensors to chips.

    Chemical Processing Staff
  • Better Than a Crystal Ball

    Computer modeling lets you forecast compressed air energy savings, reducing the risk of a poor decision

    Jeff Yarnall, P.E
  • Better Design Is No Pipe Dream

    The benefits of using pipeline simulation tools at the piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) level, rather than running simulations just on the process flow diagram, can often be overlooked.

    Mike Spear, editor at large
  • Better Damper Control Nixes NOx

    Installing accurate inline oxygen analyzers and precision draft controls can optimize emissions reductions and fuel savings

  • Better damper control delivers big savings

    Installing an electric drive on a steam boiler damper results in lower fuel consumption. The reason? The electric drive enables boiler operation with just the right amount of excess air at lower firing rates.

    Joshua I. Anderson,&nbsp;Adolfo B. Aparicio and Scott T. Rutkoski
  • Best practices in control system migration

    Migration from your old control system to a new one is as an inevitable as death and taxes. But, the key to minimizing the pain is to abide by the control system migration best practices listed here.

    Dan Hebert, PE, Senior Technical Editor
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