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  • Tackle tough separations

    There are a plethora of devices in the marketplace that are designed to improve separation and thus improve product efficiency.  Learn how to determine which one is ideal for each particular process application.

    Thomas H. Wines, Pall Corp.
  • Tackle Tray Trade-Offs

    Find the right compromise between process and mechanical requirements.

    Andrew Sloley, Contributing Editor
  • Take a Load Off Loading

    Some pipelines may benefit from more than "optimum" insulation.

    Andrew Sloley, Contributing Editor
  • Take a load off maintenance

    Use a powerful, proven technique to identify factors that impede craft efficiency.

    Timothy Finigan, Fluor
  • Take Advantage of Fieldbus

    Digital networks offer both technical and economic benefits.

    Craig McIntyre, Endress+Hauser
  • Take Advantage of Gas Turbines

    Such units can provide a variety of benefits for driving large equipment

    Amin Almasi, rotating equipment consultant
  • Take Control Down a Level

    Sometimes you can design out the need for instrumentation.

    Andrew Sloley, contributing editor
  • Take equipment diagnostics to a new level

    Many of the effects of machine degradation are avoidable, so being able to identify struggling equipment at an early stage is essential to renewing its productivity. Advances in performance monitoring can provide critical insights.

    Todd Anderson
  • Take guesswork out of the mix

    Which mixer would be the most efficient, cost-effective, reliable or versatile? Know your options when choosing an in-line or in-tank mixer to suit your application.

    Chris Ryan
  • Take Mixing to the Max

    Fluid properties, equipment design and process variables determine a mixing intensity that ensures product uniformity

    Dave Dickey is senior consultant for MixTech Inc.
  • Take out torque

    A reader's ribbon blendor is experiencing torquing problems. Read tips about how to avoid torque problems in a ribbon blender.

  • Take safety up a notch

    There’s still room to improve industry’s good safety performance, says Editor in Chief Mark Rosenzweig in his monthly column. Mechanical integrity programs generally need more attention.

    Mark Rosenzweig, editor in chief
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