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  • Still pondering whither fieldbus?

    In this month's installment of On the Bus, Contributing Editor John Rezabek predicts HART devices will work so well that your career may be over before you can justify the cost to replace them with fieldbus.

    John Rezabek, Contributing Editor
  • Stop Explosion Propagation

    Choose a suitable method to limit damage elsewhere in the process

    David Grandaw, IEP Technologies
  • Storm Clouds Recede

    The chemical industry is poised for a rebound in 2004, but "restructuring" remains a watchword

    Nick Basta, editor at large
  • Streamline Your Chemical Process

    Removing complexities that creep in over time can enhance operations.

    Richard J. Beaman, Jr., Eric Hopkins and Clifford Reese, SSOE Group
  • Streamline your product search

    SpecSearch creates customized process equipment searches. Of the more than 3 million users registered to GlobalSpec, 1.4 million are engineers. Are you one of them?

    Jill Russell, managing editor, Digital Media
  • Streamline Your Sampling System

    Selecting the right stream selection assembly can improve performance.

    John Wawrowski, Doug Nordstrom and Joel Feldman, Swagelok Co.
  • Strike the Right Balance

    Make the walk-through your first line of defense, advises Dirk Willard in this month's Field Notes column.

    Dirk Willard, senior editor
  • Stripper Bares All

    Analysis reveals how operating practices compounded design mistakes

    Andrew Sloley, Contributing Editor
  • Study Shows Lack of Compressed-Air-System Training

    Compressed training: U.S. Department of Energy study reveals shortfall in understanding air-compressor efficiency benefits.

    Ron Marshall, Compressed Air Challenge, for Plant Services magazine
  • Succeed at bioprocess scale-up

    While fermentation-based syntheses were once reserved for producing high-value specialty chemicals and biopharmaceuticals, bioprocess routes now are gaining increasing attention for commodity products.

    John L. Shaw, P.E., and Scott A. Rogers, P.E., CH2MHill Lockwood Greene
  • Succeed at pH Troubleshooting

    Heed some pointers to properly diagnose the cause of a problem

    Cherlyn Marlow, Yokogawa Corp. of America
  • Succeed at Plant Debottlenecking

    Critical evaluation can enable you to turn up capacity and improve performance. This article presents some ideas to help you evaluate your process to see whether it offers exceptional revamp opportunities.

    Joseph C. Gentry, P.E.
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