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  • Pumps: Handle More Flow

    Success often depends upon lowering head losses or raising pump pressure

    Andrew Sloley, Contributing Editor
  • Pumps: Keep Out of Hot Water

    Understand key factors for getting a suitable boiler feedwater pump

    Amin Almasi, rotating equipment consultant
  • Pursue the perfect plant

    Look into creating the “perfect plant” by integrating product and operational management into your environment. This provides the ability to respond faster and minimize impact to the business and bottom line, driving increased yields, asset utilization and order fulfillment.

    John Harrison, SAP Canada
  • Put energy into people issues

    It’s time for a little industrial energy waste amnesty, says Christopher Russell, contributing editor, in this month's Energy Saver column.

    Christopher Russell, contributing editor
  • Put Pipeline Failures Behind You

    Reliability professionals should apply parallel reasoning and not stand idly by while the uninformed take inappropriate risks.

    Heinz P. Bloch P.E., Process Machinery Consulting, for our sister publication Plant Services
  • Put Your Column on the Map

    Residue curve maps (RCMs) can be employed in a variety of ways, including system visualization, evluation of data, and process synthesis, modeling and troubleshooting

    Scott Barnicki
  • PVDF Tackles Bromine Corrosion

    A challenge to design and fabricate, the largest-known PVDF-lined vessels now successfully serve at PTA plants

    Diane Dierking
  • Quest For Clean Air: Thermal or Catalytic?

    Regenerative thermal oxidizers and catalytic oxidizers both destroy volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants, but which one is right for you?

  • Questions about gloves link to work safety

    The proper hand protection plays a tremendous role in keeping plant workers safe. This article answers questions often posed by workers and managers about hand protection products, their applications and limitations.

    Nelson Schlatter, Ansell
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